P series
HLP pressure control
OPS pressure contorl
SV-solenoid valve-SAE
solenoid valve-ODF
2W solenoid valve
OPX expansion valve
OPHFS flow control
HLD diff.pressur control
OPA filter drier
OPM fitler drier
filter core
filter cylinder
gas accumulator
oil controller
manual valve
drain valve
auto water trap
ball valve
Pressure controller
Solenoid valve
Expansion valve
Flow switch
Differential pressure controller
Dry filter
Filter element
Filter cartridges
Steam points
Liquid storage
Oil level controller
Shock tube
Cut-off valve
Top cover valve
Check valve
Manual valve
Sight glass
Electronic drain valve
Automatic drainage
Ball Valves

FENGHUA OUPIN AUTOMATIC CONTROL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is specialized in the manufacture of control accessory’s R&D, sales and service. We provide the high quality products by advanced producing skills, precise equipments and check-up instruments.Our products have got the certification of CE.

Main products:refrigeration solenoid valve,pressure switch,differential pressure switch, manual valve, filter drier, thermal expansion valve, flow switch, sigh glass,ball valve,2W solenoid valve,etc.They are widely used for the accessory elements of refrigerator sets,central air-conditioning,hot pump sets,compressor sets,washing machine,boiler and other machinery.

In the future,we will create and explore our brand-new, concentrate on the quality of the products and performance, continue to develop high-technical products, build a high-standard reputation in this area in order to improve competitive abilities in market. Sincerely, we are looking forward to cooperating with the friends from all over the world.

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